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Avoiding Truck Accidents – What You Should Know

Did you know that it can take a truck three times longer to stop, compared to a regular car? Are you aware that that accidents involving trucks are 5 times more likely to result to injuries and death?

Understandably, it can be difficult, and even a bit annoying to share the road with large vehicles such as trucks, and it’s can be tempting to just try and zoom past them, albeit begrudgingly. But in an accident, especially with a truck, nobody wins.

There are a lot more eye-opening accident statistics regarding trucks that can change your driving attitude when sharing the road with these large vehicles. Too see what those are, and to know what you can do to stay safe, check out Fort Collins auto accident lawyer, Tenge Law’s infographic called “How To Avoid Truck Accidents: A Visual Guide to Truck Safety.” You can also find other expert legal advice on personal injury and accident cases on their blog.


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