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3 Signs You Should Contact An Attorney About Your Child

There are at least three (3) signs when you should contact an attorney about your child. First, you should contact an attorney – preferably a Lawrenceville GA special education attorney – when your child is experiencing learning and educational problems at school.  These problems may include when your child experiences chronic academic failure such as retention, significant poor grades, and poor testing scores. It could also include reports by educators of your child engaging in challenging behaviors such as frequent physical and verbal aggression, destruction of school property, fights and altercations with peers, refusal to follow directions of educators, and lack of concentration and distractibility.  A special education attorney can advise you about the federal and state laws that may apply to your child.  A special education attorney can advise you as to your rights under the laws as a parent.   A special education attorney can refer you to a psychologist or educational expert for assessment and testing of your child. When your child is failing in school, this is a strong signal that you may need an attorney for help and guidance.

Second, you should contact a special education attorney when you need an advocate to attend an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) meeting for your child.  The attorney can advocate for your child’s special education needs and advise you as what the school system is required to provide him to ensure he is receiving a free appropriate public education.  The attorney may be able to secure appropriate instruction, related services, programming, and placement for your child.  Many parents have told me the school system is willing to give them more and better instruction and services to their child because I attended the IEP meeting.

Third, when you have a dispute with the school system concerning your child, this is another signal that you may want to retain a special education attorney.  At some point, parents and the school system may disagree on what are appropriate services and instruction for the child. An attorney can advise the parent what legal and other options are available for resolve the dispute.  These options may include informal and formal meetings, mediation and alternative dispute resolution, state complaints and filing for a due process hearing. Of course, the option(s) you choose depend on your own unique circumstances. But it is advisable to seek out an attorney when you have serious questions, doubts, concerns, disputes, and problems with the school system.

There are probably more than three (3) signals when you should contact an attorney about your child. These three (3) signals are among the most likely ones you will discover that will lead you to contact an attorney. See more information on contacting a special education attorney, visit www.

Torin logoThanks to our friend and contributors from Torin Togut Attorney at Law for their insight into 3 signs you should contact an attorney about your child.

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