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3 Items Every Motorcyclist Should Carry in Case of an Accident

Every driver on the road should be prepared for an accident at all times, because you never know when and where that unfortunate event may occur. We also never know what the outcome will be with respect to property damage and personal injury, including the severity of those potential injuries. Being prepared for the worst is relatively easy for individuals driving passenger vehicles, but motorcycle operators face a different challenge. In a standard car, the necessary vehicle and personal information is easy to carry in a glove compartment or on the sun visor. Certain items that might prove helpful can also be well protected and quick to access inside a car. While some motorcyclists do have a fairly spacious saddlebag design or gear-hauling device, the truth is that many riders travel light when riding and may have a problem in finding a secure place of easy access to store these accident essentials.

  1. Always Carry Personal Identification

While it is a law in all states that individuals should carry a personal I.D. at all times, the purpose of having personal information for a cyclist goes much farther than mere identification. Wearing a bracelet while riding is an excellent idea that will likely benefit all motorcyclists. In addition to your name, this bracelet may also include certain medical information in the event that an emergency medical technician or paramedic will need to attend to injuries following a crash. As a Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyer, we know that bike crashes are among the worst experienced on the highways, and many times victims are left unconscious. This may be especially important for riders who are allergic to certain medications or those who have blood coagulation problems.

  1. Keep a Digital Camera Handy

Nowadays, practically everyone has a cell phone with a relatively good camera installed, which might be a very useful tool if you are involved in an accident. Of course, if you suffer significant injuries or are rendered immobile, it may be difficult to reach unless it is not on your person, and many riders choose to mount their cell phones on their handlebars. This might be problematic because cell phones are regularly damaged in bike crashes because of the lack of protection. Because of the high chance of cell phone damage, having a backup digital camera may be very important in certain wreck scenarios. Anything can happen in an accident, and motorcycle accidents might be even more prone to personal or legal difficulties afterwards. Thus, it is probably best to put your cell phone in a secure location, and carry a backup camera because pictures are often invaluable when negotiating a personal injury claim or establishing fault in an accident.

  1. Carry Documentation Regarding Motorcycle Traffic Laws

Many motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy the maneuverability of a two-wheel vehicle because they can navigate traffic much easier. This is especially true in states with highly congested traffic and a large population. But bikers also face a significant problem while operating their vehicle because other drivers do not always practice consistent driver safety regarding motorcycles, and many drivers are not necessarily aware of motorcycles at all times. It is likely a good idea to print some of the driving statutes that govern motorcycle use, even laminating them for protection and easy transport if necessary. Complying with the law is necessary to be a responsible rider, as well as being prepared with information about motorcycle traffic laws.

Thanks to our friends and blog contributors from Nadia von Magdenko & Associates for their insight into motorcycle accident practice.

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