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Your Testimony Is Evidence!

Here’s something that happens far too often: An employee testifies about something an employer did to her (i.e. sexually harassed her or uttered a racial slur while firing her). The employee testifies in detail about what happened. Then the opposing attorney asks in his most skeptical voice, “do you have any evidence that anything you

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Avoiding Truck Accidents – What You Should Know

Did you know that it can take a truck three times longer to stop, compared to a regular car? Are you aware that that accidents involving trucks are 5 times more likely to result to injuries and death? Understandably, it can be difficult, and even a bit annoying to share the road with large vehicles

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After Being Hit by An Uninsured Motorist

Going through a motorist accident can be a traumatizing experience for many people. It may leave a person helpless and with no idea of what to do next. Even worse is the thought of getting into an accident with an uninsured motorist driver. What happens then? How are you protected? Were you aware that about

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Self Driving Car Accidents

There has been a lot of talk about self-driving cars lately. However, before allowing autonomous vehicles on the road, regulators must figure out who would be at fault for a collision between a driver and self-driving car. Fortunately, there are several ideas being considered that could resolve this issue.   Drivers May Be Charged per

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Steps to Receiving Physical Therapy Treatment

It is quite common for individuals involved in car accidents to experience injuries to the neck, such as whiplash, or injuries to the back, possibly slipping a disc. The impact from the car collision may leave the motorists with injuries that will only worsen if untreated. Thankfully, there are many treatment options available for reducing

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When involved in an automobile accident, you may have significant property damage, bodily injuries, lost income and other harms and losses. These unexpected harms can quickly put a tremendous amount of financial strain on you and your family. This is where some states’ personal injury protection benefits (PIP benefits) come into play. Overview of Personal

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The Importance of Renters Insurance Coverage

  If you are renting an apartment or house, it is important consider renters insurance coverage. You might not own the property, but you have belongings you want to protect in case of a fire or other disaster, such as a television, computer, jewelry and artwork. If you have a renters insurance policy, you can

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