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What is Uninsured Coverage?

Imagine what would happen if you are involved in an accident where the negligent driver has no insurance coverage to handle liabilities arising from the crash. Uninsured Coverage refers to an insurance policy provision that provides coverage to the policy owner injured or with casualty loss by an at-fault negligent driver who has no insurance coverage to pay compensation for their liability.

How Does the Uninsured Coverage Work?

Laws require vehicle owners to carry insurance coverage.  However, according to the Insurance Information Institute about 13% of motorists drive without coverage for liability in case of an accident.

Uninsured coverage covers bodily injury and property damage. You should always contact your insurance carrier to educate you on how these work or you can speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer who can best guide you on the right path for uninsured coverage.

Application of Uninsured Coverage

A driver who has no insurance to take care of their liabilities may be sued personally to recover damage and injury awards.  However, most drivers who do not carry active insurance, do so for financial reasons.  If the responsible driver does not have insurance coverage, the uninsured provision of your own policy provides for your recovery.

Uninsured coverage helps cover for your own loss.  Speaking to an experienced Phoenix personal injury lawyer can help.  Uninsured coverage takes care of your medical care and other expenses without placing an undue burden on you after an accident.

Can There Be a Problem with Uninsured Coverage Claims?

Yes! In the case of a hit-and-run driver whose plate number is identified, the insurance company may search for the ID of the driver, even though the driver may deny involvement in the accident. The insurance company may use such incidence to deny an uninsured coverage claims.

If you find yourself addressing the aftermath of an accident where your insurance company denies your claim, your next best action is to talk to a personal injury lawyer to help you sort things out and help you understand your particular policy and to find out what protections you have in place.  Your own uninsured coverage may be your best answer.

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