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Self Driving Car Accidents

In the near future, individuals will have the ability to ride without hands using their smart phones. According to the IIHS, over 90 percent of car accidents are the fault of the human behind the wheel. However, it is projected that within 20 years, self driving cars could decrease this amount by over 75 percent. Partial self driving vehicles are reducing accidents already. Because technology is already moving and developing, but the features involved on these semi-autonomous cars is astounding. Cruise control that determines the safest distance from your vehicle and the vehicle ahead, monitors that watch your blind spots and see traffic around you, and brake controls that automatically stop you from hitting something are some of the features included. Lane assist in some cars warns you if you are drifting into another lane and can also automatically steer you back into your own lane, and collision systems warn you of any possible collision and will apply the brakes if you do not do so yourself. Because semi-autonomous cars can react to impending danger quicker more efficiently than humans, the technological development of these kind of cars will continue to occur.


Fully Autonomous Vehicles

It is very conceivable that fully-autonomous cars will be helpful and prevent severe injuries from occurring. It is also entirely possible that speed limits will be increased and insurance premiums lowered as fully-autonomous cars possess the ability to decrease car accidents to virtually nothing. This is because fully-autonomous cars will speak with each other while on the road. Human nature of misinterpreting signals or veering into lanes is taken out of the equation entirely. It can take years for this to occur because many individuals simply like to drive, so they will not be supportive of this movement. Until the day this happens,, fully-autonomous vehicles will be forced to road space other vehicles that are driven by humans.



Semi-autonomous vehicles do not completely erase the possibility of an accident but fortunately, they will definitely lower the possibility. A major problem that can arise from a semi-autonomous or fully-autonomous accident is determining liability in the event of an accident, as a car accident lawyer Milwaukee WI trusts can attest. Because these cars will operated remotely by satellite network, the company that produces the car will likely be to blame. However, if both cars are owned by the same company, a problem can arise.


hickey and turim attorneys at law Milwaukee WisconsinThanks to our friends and contributors from Hickey & Turim, SC for their insight into self driving car accidents.

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