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Auto accidents are extremely stressful on their own, as a car accident lawyer Phoenix AZ trusts can attest. In the adrenaline and confusion, it is hard enough to think clearly about what TO DO, knowing what NOT TO DO is the last thing on the mind. But avoiding certain behaviors after an accident can be

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Despite the many lawyers who handle personal injury cases each year, an air of mystery continues to shroud the profession. When a big case goes public, like the McDonald’s hot coffee lawsuit, everyone from the local television anchor to your next-door neighbor has an opinion about what is right, wrong, or even legal. Unfortunately, these

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5 Things to Do After a Car Accident

When you’re in a car accident, you don’t have a lot of time to react. You may not remember what to do as easily as you think you will in advance. In the panic, you might even forget to gather important information. As a  Memphis car accident lawyer, I’ve seen a lot of people come

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What Is Medical Malpractice?

Healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses and pharmacists are required to provide all of their patients with the best care possible. While the vast majority of these professionals reach this goal, some do not and patients are hurt as a result. The following is an overview of medical malpractice and how those who are injured

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Car Accidents: The stats you need to know

Nearly 1.3 million people die in road crashes each year, on average 3,287 deaths a day, and an additional 20-50 million are injured or disabled, according to the Association for Safe International Road Travel. More than half of all road traffic deaths occur among young adults ages 15 – 44, and crashes are the leading

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Damages in a Personal Injury Case

After you get into a car accident, do you ever wonder what damages are recoverable by you under the Texas law? Following is a list of all of the damages available to a Plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit: Medical Expenses in the past and future: These are the damages incurred by way of medical

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